We foster an approach to learning, and living, that is based on love and faith.

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At St. Ann Montessori Vineyard Academy, our primary focus is to instill a love of God and self.  We work in partnership with our families to support children to reach their full potential.  We strive to bring children and families closer to Christ.  We uniquely integrate the proven success of a Montessori education with the critical development of a child’s spiritual and moral formation through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  Opportunities for learning and faith are offered in a prepared environment that nurtures a child’s spiritual, cognitive, emotional, and physical growth.

Spiritual Development: We encourage a personal relationship with God, as it is our belief that even very young children have a religious life.

Cognitive Development:  Each child is given the tools needed to easily develop work habits, skills, and attitudes needed to be a successful life-long learner.

Social and Emotional Awareness: The many opportunities for success in the classroom nurture strong self-confidence and a healthy self-esteem.

Physical Development:  We enhance coordination and muscle development through both gross and fine-motor activities each day.