The new school year is well on its way!

From the Primary Atria

During the morning the children have been enjoying apples, exploring them with their five senses, polishing them, reading stories about them and making apple sauce.  “There is nothing in the intellect which was not first in the senses.” (Aristotle)
In the afternoon the students have been learning about land, air and water, a song about oceans, having conversations about activities they are doing each day and developing longer work cycles.

From the Elementary Atrium

You may have heard or seen the signage that the True Vine Community is polishing to raise funds to buy a guinea pig.  For 25 cents, a pair of shoes will be shined.  For $1.00 silver, copper or brass will be polished.  The students are very excited about this venture.  (And inadvertently developing fine motor skills, concentration, perseverance, fellowship, marketing skills – we really need to work on that one – they are more like a bunch of excited golden retriever puppies than polished (excuse the pun) sales people. Grace and Courtesy is part of our curriculum, and thank you for your patience during our practicum.)  We have added to our daily routine, starting each morning with Math Fact Practice and each afternoon with Silent Reading.

From the Great Outdoors

We are enjoying these late summer/early fall days, romping in the early morning dew. (You might chat with your child about shoe apparel that is best suited for this, as well as send extra socks.) Some days we get out after lunch; some days we wind up the day in the great outdoors.  In addition to many imaginative games going on, the garden is a place of exploration and harvesting.  We have been finding cosmos, green beans, cherry tomatoes, a toad, a snake and a rainbow.  Two young boys cut through tall grass in the center of the garden as if it were the great Serengeti of Africa.  I am not sure if it was a planned plant or a volunteer, but we could use some green-thumbed volunteers to assist the children in tending the garden.  We are very grateful to Layne Hagerman who is kindly addressing the poison ivy.


A Visit from Officer Judd

Deacon Mike arranged for Police Officer Judd to pay a visit to the school.  After explaining his gear and answering questions, he showed the students his vehicle, complete with flashing lights, but no siren, thank you.



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