May is flying by!


June 7 is the last day of school.  We invite families to celebrate another wonderful academic year coming to a close with a picnic at noon! Families bring a dish to pass. St. Ann will provide hot dogs, buns, dessert, lemonade, water and tableware.  The teachers will have games and activities to enjoy after lunch.

Recent Testimonial

I have a few teacher friends and every Friday my Facebook wall is covered with pictures of random people running away from schools. St. Ann’s School is building an environment which makes you want to park your car and have a picnic with your family. An environment where your child is the adult and can lead you through their lessons… you can see their expressions of confidence and comfort, it’s amazing! The Montessori Method kind of bridges the gap between public school and home school, children are learning in small groups from each other while an instructor is there to guide in the learning process. Learning is done at the speed of the child, not the class. The children are learning together, from each other, different lessons at different times and in the end, everyone has learned all the lessons… It’s fascinating and we are thankful to be a part of it.
– The Hagerman Family

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