Fall Feast is Monday


Parishioners donated pie pumpkins from their garden for our students.

Earlier this week, the all-day students were able to receive the delivery of the pumpkins that we will be using for our pies at Monday’s Fall Harvest Feast. Today we were up to our elbows in pumpkin guts! The pumpkins were split so that they could be baked and then the flesh scooped out and puree’d for our deserts.  We are saving the seeds to roast for another fall project and to plant in our garden in spring.

Fall Harvest Feast Notes

All Saints Day is November 1st.  As a way to celebrate this Catholic Feast Day, and a means to study the Saints with your child, they are encouraged to dress as a Saint on Monday.
Our Feast begins at 11:30 in the Social Hall.  The students will be preparing a yummy meal for you.  They are dismissed after the feast concludes; it is a half day.


Our all-day students have been given the opportunity to attend a performance of “Snowflake”, on Monday, November 9th.  This event is provided through KRESA’s EFA program.  There is more to this event than just the performance.  Artist, Sandy Davis, will be in the classroom visiting, observing and providing a little introduction to “Snowflake” on Friday the 6th, as well as prior to the performance on the 9th and then working with all the students on two more occasions later in the year.


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